"Napa Valley"  Brocken InaGlory. Licensed. Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0
Q's characters share their responses to the daily litany of woe they read in the newspapers and what they do to keep from being overwhelmed by it.  This Dialogue can provide much food for thought.

     (Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond novels, said that with a few exceptions, accidie among them, in our time most of the traditional Seven Deadlies wouldn't keep you from becoming a member in the local country club, let alone bar you from going to heaven!  He proposed Seven Deadlier Sins, and in his Bond novel each villain represents one of them plus the sin of accidie, from which Bond and Fleming both persistently suffered.  It's the only sin that shows up in each book.  His Seven Deadlier Sins are:  The Twins of Violence: Cruelty & Malice, Avarice, The Twins of Duplicity: Hypocrisy & Self-righteousness, Moral Cowardice, and Accidie.  (See the book by W. Benjamin Pratt footnoted on page 112.)