"Napa Valley"  Brocken InaGlory. Licensed. Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0
If you're going to discuss the book in a group, and would like some suggestions to help make your group a safe and productive place for doing so,

Just in case your brain needs a gentle nudge to get it going, here are some questions for your consideration.

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1. What's In a Name?

2. Older Than Moses       
3. Shootout at the Not Quite As Okay As It
    Might Be Corral

4. My Beautiful Balloon  
5. Black Hole of Resentment

6. The Advantage of Experience

An Omitted Chapter

7. Breaking the Silence       
8. Elsewhere

9. Quantum Trinity

10. A Profound Gas           
11. Hooking Up At Elsewhere

12. The End of the World     
13. Revealing Breakfast

14. The Charm of Fishing

15. The Harm of Fishing

16. Welcome to the Club      
17. Show Me Your Naked Toes!

18. A Taste of Transformation    
19. Vividi, We Roll Along!

20. Wiwidee, We Stagger Back        
21. There's Got to be a Morning After      
22. Cure for the Blahs       
23. Gandhi and Higgs At Work

24. Sacrifice and Violence

25. Magic Carpet Ride

26. Occupy a New Perspective      
27. Atheists Welcome!                  
28. Somewhere Over the Rainbow?  
29.  Imagine That!

30. Wake Me Before It's Over!

31.  Where Everybody Knows Your Name    

32. A Circle of Sorts

33.  To Tell the Truth